FTC Dashboard

Credits to ACEM Robotics for creating this wonderful site. If you want detailed instructions on how we installed this program, which may be difficult, please check out our GitHub.

These are a few pictures of how we use OpenCV on FTC Dashboard to analyze data.

These are the import and setup statements.

This is the setup for FTC Dashboard to display the camera on the screen, which works well with OpenCV Contours.

import com.acmerobotics.dashboard.FtcDashboard;
@Config //Disable if not using FTC Dashboard
// Only if you are using ftcdashboard
        FtcDashboard dashboard = FtcDashboard.getInstance();
        telemetry = new MultipleTelemetry(telemetry, dashboard.getTelemetry());
        FtcDashboard.getInstance().startCameraStream(webcam, 10);